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Sovereign Grant Act

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03 févr. 2011

CAVEJ L1 Anglais juridique

Cours de 222 pages - Droit autres branches

Wales remained a separate entity from England until the 16th century. Wales is composed of a number of principalities (principautés) with distinct characteristics. Those differences resulted in various conflicts until the middle Ages. Fortunately, in 1536, the Act of Union integrated...

18 Janv. 2010

English Legal System : The Administration of England and Wales

Cours de 93 pages - Droit autres branches

We'll study the administration of justice in England and Wales. Scotland has it's own courts and system. Civil and criminal justice have come close to each other. They must be treated separately because they are very different in particular in the point of view of appeals and the procedure. Many...

17 Janv. 2010

English legal system: the Sources of English Law

Cours de 87 pages - Droit constitutionnel

The judicial decisions are the first to be found to develop a system. Today, they are still influencing the system as a whole. Judicial decisions have a weight that their continental counter part does not have. In England, under certain requirements, decisions are biding the judge with the...

02 mai 2007

International law and normative unity

Dissertation de 5 pages - Droit international

In the Supreme Court of Canada’s 1993 judgment in Hunt v. T & N Plc, Justice La Forest laid down the following goal to international law : “develop (…) co-ordination in the face of [the] diversity” of the international system. In other words, international law has to reconcile...

25 avril 2008

Essay on the separation of powers in Europe - A comparative study

Dissertation de 23 pages - Droit européen

“Each country must find a solution which is sensitive to its domestic culture” …this is the position of Lord Irvine of Lairg on the separation of powers. This can be regarded as a politically correct position on a very discussed topic in that it does not take part in the animated...

10 Sept. 2007

From Russia with Love: Lessons of the Noga arbitration case

Mémoire de 20 pages - Droit international

Globalization is the new buzz word and the lingua franca of international business. With the numerous advantages flowing through globalization, this new process is taking a new shape by getting more critical and unyielding. To elucidate further on its uphill spin, an onlooker can observe its...

08 févr. 2010

The clash of universalisms, Corporate abuses of human rights and international corporate responsibility

Dissertation de 14 pages - Droit international

Economic History is a discipline not so distant from Law when it comes to understanding the complexity of relations mingling with the power of National States expressed by their faculty of producing law within a territory, and that of commercial enterprises. French economic historian Philippe...

28 Nov. 2009

Constitutional and administrative law

Dissertation de 4 pages - Droit constitutionnel

The rule of law' is a system of rule in which the relationship between the State and the individual is governed by the law, protecting the individual from arbitrary state action.The rule of law is better understood by translating it into French as 'primauté du droit'. Since the creation of the...

15 Mars 2013

Confessing antitrust criminals: The art of juggling with carrots, sticks and transatlantic disturbances

Étude de cas de 15 pages - Droit autres branches

Fighting cartels is not an easy business to be in. Companies operating cartels are of course very much aware of the illegality of their conduct under the antitrust laws. For that reason, cartels are typically operated in secrecy and considerable efforts are devoted by the participants to avoiding...

20 Mars 2007

Regulations: Direct applicability and Direct effect

Dissertation de 8 pages - Droit européen

Article 249 of the European Community Treaty provides that Regulations shall be directly applicable in all Member States. Does this mean that they are also necessarily directly effective? As notices Josephine Steiner , this question is of paramount concern to EC lawyers. If a provision of EEC law...

08 déc. 2009

International Criminal Court

Cours de 19 pages - Droit international

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is the only independent and permanent court which deals with the most serious crimes committed by people, which are genocide, crime of aggression, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The ICCs based on the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court...

29 mai 2010

Protection of homosexual rights by the European Court of Justice and influence of its decisions in member states' national legal order.

Dissertation de 14 pages - Droit européen

The institutionalization of Europe was done in favor of the protection of liberty and human rights. But, is this protection effective for sexual minorities and more precisely for homosexual community? In January 18th 2006, the Parliament of Europe adopted a resolution on homophobia. This measure...

24 Mars 2021

La Constitution britannique est-elle non écrite ?

Dissertation de 4 pages - Droit constitutionnel

David Butler établit un constat fondamental "Toutes les Constitutions évoluent, mais une Constitution non écrite évolue dans l'ombre". Cette affirmation induit qu'il existe différents types de constitutions. Dans un État de droit, la Constitution est la règle la plus élevée de l'ordre juridique,...

12 avril 2010

Border Regulation, Freedom of Movement and Citizenship in the Third Pillar of the EU: Conflicting legal agendas.

Dissertation de 9 pages - Droit européen

Within the United Kingdom (UK) there has been a long proud tradition of strong regulatory and independent oversight with respect to its national border security and integrity. The UK is a confederation of regional states some of which have semi-autonomous devolved legislatures, yet it maintains a...

15 févr. 2012

The fundamental constitutional principles of the British constitution

Dissertation de 4 pages - Droit constitutionnel

The fundamental constitutional principles of the British constitution are: -The rule of Law -The separation of powers In basic terms, the rule of law is the supremacy of law other humankind. As early as the 4th Before Christ (BC), Aristotle a great philosopher explained that the rule of law...

28 avril 2010

Conflict of laws and Crossborder litigation What is comity?

Dissertation de 5 pages - Droit international

Comity, first referred to as comitas gentium by Ulrich Huber in the 17th Century, literally translates to courtesy of people. It provides, in fact with an intellectual and legal justification, the recognition of a foreign law by a sovereign state without weakening the sovereignty of the...

25 Mars 2009

"The State of exception" in France and the United Kingdom

Dissertation de 4 pages - Libertés publiques

The concept of state of exception belongs to the legal theory of Carl Schmitt. It is concerned by the state of emergencies based on the sovereign's ability to transcend the rule of law for or at least in the name of the public good. In the United Kingdom and France, the state of exception allows...

10 Sept. 2007

Customary International Law and FDI

Dissertation de 2 pages - Droit des affaires

The notions of expropriation and of its compensation are at the heart of every discussion pertaining to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). In fact, one might argue that these notions, among others, reflect the complex nature inherent to the FDI mechanism. The complexity lies in the fact that the...

12 mai 2008

Is the American Constitution the best in the world?

Dissertation de 3 pages - Droit constitutionnel

"We, the people of the United States,?do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America?. By these words starts the American Constitution. This document was adopted on September 17, 1787, by the Constitutional Convention, led by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, and...

26 mai 2002

Jurors vs Judges: a power and knowledge issue

Dissertation de 8 pages - Droit autres branches

The jury system in the United States has been subject to a lot of controversy. Most Americans still support the basic concept of the jury trial, especially in criminal cases, where the juries are composed of average citizens as an important bulwark against the potential tyranny of the government....

30 avril 2014

Euro can it survive the Eurozone?

Étude de cas de 5 pages - Droit européen

Since its creation and introduction in the early 2000s, the euro so fascinated the people, leaders and institutions worldwide. Supposed to bring the European peoples harmonizing monetary and financial system, facilitating trade between countries, and avoid tedious conversion processes,despite all...

26 mai 2002

Under which conditions can the European Parliament decide legislative outcomes?

Dissertation de 5 pages - Droit européen

As any national parliament, the European Parliament's role is mainly a legislative one even if, as opposed to national assemblies, it does not possess the exclusivity of the power to establish and vote the law. The development of the power of the Parliament belongs to a logic of increasing...

04 Oct. 2007

L'Alien Tort Statute : un instrument controversé pour engager la responsabilité internationale devant les juridictions civiles américaines

Étude de cas de 11 pages - Droit international

L’Alien Tort Statute, également appelé Alien Tort Claim Act ou Alien Tort Act par la doctrine et la jurisprudence, fut adopté par le premier Congrès américain le 24 septembre 1789 en tant que partie intégrante du Federal Judiciary Act . Il est actuellement transposé à la...

27 Nov. 2007

Critically consider Thomas Franck's argument about an emerging right to democratic governance in international law with particular reference to the recent Palestinian elections returning a Hamas governing authority

Dissertation de 7 pages - Droit constitutionnel

“Democratic tradition involves a richly evolving collection of diverse beliefs, processes and structures that are neither easily characterized in concise terms nor summarized in a single systematic philosophy of governance” . The complexity of democratic governance could not be better...

16 Nov. 2004

Compare natural law and legal positivist accounts of legal validity. Which is more convincing?

Dissertation de 4 pages - Droit autres branches

What is law? What a controversial and complex question! It is the raison d‘être of the philosophy of law, over many years, which is aim to understand the generals conditions which would render any putative norm legally valid. Does legal validity lie in the norm's content or in the norm's...

12 avril 2007

Consider the extent to which international law is law, or 'really law' or 'law properly so-called' with reference to legal and other theorists

Dissertation de 7 pages - Droit international

Charlotte Ku and Paul F. Diehl noticed that at first sight, ‘International’ and ‘Law’ sound contradictory: “how can one imagine a structured and developed legal system functioning in a political environment that is diffused, disparated, unregulated and conventionally...

05 mai 2002

Criminal law in European Democracy

Dissertation de 17 pages - Droit pénal

Criminal law refers to the need of justice in a society. The European region is called as a continent in geographical terms. However on a broader sense Europe is the Western fifth of the Eurasian landmass of the European Union. Criminal policy in democratic states should encompass the prevention,...

25 Mars 2004

La notion d'immunité

Dissertation de 9 pages - Droit pénal

Il convient de faire une distinction fondamentale entre l'immunité de juridiction d'une part (I) et l'immunité d'exécution d'autre part (II), la seconde étant envisagée de manière plus stricte que la première : l'atteinte à la souveraineté de l'Etat sera plus forte dans le second cas que dans le...

09 juin 2009

Le Bhoutan : passage d'une monarchie absolue à une monarchie parlementaire

Dissertation de 9 pages - Droit constitutionnel

Dans les hauteurs de l’Himalaya, le roi du Bhoutan, le plus jeune du monde – seulement 28 ans – a décidé d’abandonner ses prérogatives : la monarchie absolue devient une monarchie parlementaire. Le paradoxe tient au fait que la population bhoutanaise ne semble pas enchantée...

09 juin 2010

Cour Internationale de Justice, 21 juin 2000 - l'affaire de l'incident aérien entre l'Inde et le Pakistan

Commentaire d'arrêt de 14 pages - Droit international

En l’espèce, le 10 août 1999, un avion de la marine pakistanaise, non armé, effectuait une mission d’entraînement de routine avec seize personnes à bord, lorsque, alors qu’il se trouvait dans l’espace aérien pakistanais, il a été touché par des missiles sans sommation, par des...