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08 juil. 2004

The concept of electronic contracting under English common Law

Dissertation de 16 pages - Droit des affaires

The internet and technology has provided a global marketplace and are being increasingly used for communications between businesses and by business to consumers. As e-commerce continues to grow at an increasing rate, a large number of transactions are being completed on time, particularly...

26 Mars 2013

Independence of arbitral tribunal

Étude de cas de 4 pages - Droit autres branches

There is a tension inherent to the arbitration process that raises the sensitive issue of the independence and impartiality of the arbitral tribunal; it is the “tension of an ideal, that is, perfect fairness of the arbitrator, against the reality that the very method by which arbitrators may...

17 Sept. 2003

Competition law

Dissertation de 12 pages - Droit autres branches

Competition law has different forms of laws according to the causes of concern it has in various countries. The first aspect of its function is to protect individuals, consumers, against the power of monopolies or different corporations, and against agreements on various levels of production and...

04 avril 2008

International business laws, fictive case

Étude de cas de 22 pages - Droit des affaires

In the report, we should keep in mind the future international development of PI and its necessary entry in stock exchange. Considering the data, we could say that PI has to penetrate the international market by considering different laws and juridictions. Even if the KU is a corrupted country,...

17 Nov. 2009

Case studies of international disagreements

Dissertation de 9 pages - Droit international

You are the vice president of sales for The Pillow International Inc., a French manufacturer of bed pillows. The raw materials needed for making pillows are all sourced from suppliers overseas. Your firm purchases feathers from exporters in China who maintain large flocks of geese and ducks for...