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Bill of Rights

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13 Janv. 2022

Le système politique du Royaume-Uni : bipartisme, Cabinet, etc.

Cours - 3 pages - Droit constitutionnel

Le Royaume-Uni est l'une des rares démocraties fondées sur une constitution souple, principalement coutumière, reposant sur quelques textes fondamentaux tels que : - La Magna Carta (ou Grande Charte) datant de 1215 et qui limite le pouvoir royal. - The Bill Of Rights datant de...

23 juin 2021

Régime parlementaire britannique et régime présidentiel états-unien : une distinction pertinente ?

Cours - 3 pages - Droit constitutionnel

Quoi de plus différent que le régime américain et britannique ? À première vue tous les opposent, à commencer par l'histoire constitutionnelle. Le régime parlementaire britannique est issu d'une longue tradition où la Magna Carta de 1215 et le Bill of Rights de 1689 ne...

27 Janv. 2009

The evolution of human rights enforcement

Dissertation - 8 pages - Droit international

The end of the second world conflict has set the beginning of the institutionalization of Human Rights at a world scale: the previous events have indeed made most of the country think about a way to reach a world consensus about basic rights that each single human being could expect...

14 mai 2007

Has the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 gone far enough in reforming the English law of privacy?

Dissertation - 5 pages - Droit des affaires

Under the doctrine of privacy, which became entrenched in English law in the latter half of the 19th century , contractual rights and liabilities are limited to the parties to the contract. The mounting criticisms and arguments for reform have led to the Contracts (Rights of Third...

22 févr. 2007

To what extent have developments in individual rights in Britain delivered family friendly working practices, and with what implications for all relevant stakeholders

Dissertation - 7 pages - Droit des affaires

Since New Labour came to power in May 1997 some developments in employments rights have aimed to promote the balancing between work and family life: “Families are the core of our society, but they are under pressure. Women and men struggle with choices over work and family...

18 déc. 2005

International human rights law - publié le 18/12/2005

Dissertation - 5 pages - Droit international

Today, various international instruments allow for the protection and respect of human rights. Thus, the International Bill of Rights is the basis composed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 and the two subsequent International Covenants of 1966. The...

24 juil. 2008

The politics of international Human Rights Law

Dissertation - 5 pages - Droit international

The point of this essay is the observation of Human rights concerning some currents issues of International relations and social and political disorder; for example, in Tibet where it has been thought that the enforcement of some standards of Human rights would protect the Tibetans...

22 déc. 2009

The Right to Strike within the Dutch Industrial Peace in the Light of International Conventions

Étude de cas - 9 pages - Droit du travail

The Dutch Constitution was updated in 1983 and now contains a list of fundamental social rights. The recognition of those rights, even though it is late, has had a strengthened impact on the fundamental rights concerning the labor law in the Netherlands. Furthermore, since...

08 févr. 2010

The clash of universalisms, Corporate abuses of human rights and international corporate responsibility

Dissertation - 14 pages - Droit international

Economic History is a discipline not so distant from Law when it comes to understanding the complexity of relations mingling with the power of National States expressed by their faculty of producing law within a territory, and that of commercial enterprises. French economic historian Philippe...

26 avril 2007

Consistence between the English Criminal Justice and Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights

Dissertation - 8 pages - Droit pénal

The United Kingdom was one of the original parties to the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR). States which contract into the ECHR are obliged to secure the enjoyment of Convention rights for their citizens. Sometimes positive actions may be required...

28 Oct. 2009

To what extent is the criminal justice system consistent with article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights?

Dissertation - 6 pages - Droit européen

At the heart of any legal system is the criminal justice system and is paramount that system is fair in order to be effective. This is ensured through a fair trial, without which, the whole system would be illegitimate. We only have to look to the political ?show trials' of the Nazi and...

17 Janv. 2010

English legal system: the Sources of English Law

Cours - 87 pages - Droit constitutionnel

The judicial decisions are the first to be found to develop a system. Today, they are still influencing the system as a whole. Judicial decisions have a weight that their continental counter part does not have. In England, under certain requirements, decisions are biding the judge with the...

16 Nov. 2001

Human Rights and Universality

Dissertation - 13 pages - Droit international

We'll see that a mediate position can be found between what Donnelly has identified as radical cultural relativism (a) and radical universalism (b). Thus, it seems that a cross-cultural consensus can be found on the universality of some basic rights contained in the UDHR, whereas some...

31 mai 2010

Comparative study of the cohabitation contract in Greece and the PACS (Civil solidarity pact) in France

Dissertation - 5 pages - Droit de la famille

We are going to see the differences and the similarities between the recent cohabitation contract in Greece and the PACS in france which are forms of civil union, marriage. This comparative study will be based on the greek bill about the cohabitation pact and the french bill...

04 juin 2008

The ninth amendment: origins and controversy

Dissertation - 9 pages - Droit constitutionnel

Select one amendment from the Bill of Rights and research why the Founding Fathers found it necessary to state it, and explain what had happened in England or Europe that brought about that amendment? Remember that we were a colony of England's for over one hundred years before...

04 juil. 2012

Assessing the impact of parental marital status in relation to Irish child law: should Constitution be amended?

Étude de cas - 10 pages - Droit des affaires

“It cannot be contested that a person born outside marriage, is a human person, equal to one born within marriage” . In this statement, Justice Walsh points out the differential treatment between marital and non-marital children which is derived from the Irish Constitution. By letting...

11 Sept. 2009

Jury selection in the United States of America

Dissertation - 6 pages - Procédure pénale

In the United States, when a trial takes place, it begins with the jury selection, which is the process whereby, according to law and precedent, members of a particular trial jury are chosen. The right to have a jury dates from the Magna Carta and it is incorporated in the Sixth Amendment...

05 mai 2009

The amendment 8: is death penalty a cruel and unusual punishment?

Dissertation - 2 pages - Droit pénal

Amendment 8 of the United States Constitution is a part of the United States Bill of Rights, influenced by the English Bill of Rights of 1689. It was added to the constitution in 1791, and states that "Excessive bail shall not be required, not excessive fines imposed,...

05 juil. 2009

The difficult application of canadian criminal law in Nunavut

Thèse - 57 pages - Droit international

With its creation in 1999, the new territory of Nunavut hoped to solve the social and economical problems it was facing. For the second time in the history of the Poles, indigenous people were given the right by the government to decide their future. The first Inuit to be recognized were...

16 août 2010

Common law et civil law

Cours - 6 pages - Droit autres branches

- Les Etats de common law se distinguent par des Constitutions qui sont en fait à l'origine des lois votées par le Parlement de Westminster. Grande influence de l'agencement institutionnel né en Angleterre. - Pas de Constitution écrite au RU, cependant une série de grands textes (Magna...

02 févr. 2003

The United States and the International Criminal Court: How valid are the US arguments for not joining the International Court ?

Dissertation - 11 pages - Droit international

A new jurisdiction in the history of international accountability of human rights is being set up, but with a limited action which makes it different than a world court. In this document we will analyze the justifications for the lack of commitment by the United States of America towards...

01 août 2012

Introduction aux droits de l'homme

Cours - 11 pages - Droit autres branches

L'expression « droits de l'homme » est constamment employée mais n'est que rarement définie. Intuitivement, ce sont des droits importants voir même essentiels à l'homme. Nul n'ignore ce que sont des droits et ce qu'est un homme. Les droits sont des prérogatives reconnues...

30 déc. 2009

L'efficacité du système de protection internationale des droits de l'homme

Dissertation - 8 pages - Droit international

La Cour pénale internationale a été qualifiée de « balance sans glaive » cela montre bien la situation de la protection internationale des droits de l'homme. Le XXe siècle a été marqué par une production du droit international des droits de l'homme très importante en réaction aux horreurs...

12 déc. 2006

Origines et principes constitutionnels des Etats-Unis

Dissertation - 13 pages - Droit constitutionnel

Analyse du Fédéraliste n° LI : « De la structure du gouvernement comme garantie contre les empiètements », Hamilton ou Madison pour le New York Pocket (vendredi 8 février 1788. Cet article a été publié dans le New York Pocket le vendredi 8 février 1788. Il fait partie des quelques articles pour...

30 juin 2009

Law making procedure in India

Dissertation - 3 pages - Droit constitutionnel

Under the parliamentary form of government adopted by the constitution of India, the function of making law belongs to the legislature (art 107 -108). The law making procedure is a very important part of the democratic system. Indeed, it has to insure that the law passed does not endanger the...

06 mai 2008

Le régime politique britanique

Dissertation - 5 pages - Droit autres branches

En cette fin d'année 1689, la Grande-Bretagne vient d'ouvrir une nouvelle page de son Histoire. Le Bill of Rights proclame l'avènement de la première monarchie parlementaire. Ce régime, qui sera un modèle en Europe et aux Etats-Unis, est encore un régime présidentiel plus qu'un...

30 déc. 2009

Le régime parlementaire britannique (2009)

Dissertation - 8 pages - Droit constitutionnel

« La démocratie britannique reste un admirable exemple. Il est malheureusement inimitable » selon André Mathiot. En effet, le régime parlementaire s'est développé au Royaume-Uni, et il est vu comme un modèle par les autres puissances européennes qui vont essayer de le transposer sans jamais y...

06 févr. 2011

European Labour law: Compare and contrast the role and concerns of International Law with those of European Law in the field of Employment

Thèse - 7 pages - Droit européen

Employment law is a contract between an employer and an employee; it is issues regarding employment, workplace discrimination and other private law issues. With the evolution of the International and the European law, Employment law has evolved in parallel and must deal with new concerns. In...

22 Mars 2003

La constitution d'un équilibre des pouvoirs en Grande Bretagne à partir de la glorious revolution

Dissertation - 6 pages - Droit constitutionnel

La Grande Bretagne est une monarchie constitutionnelle remontant au IXème siècle, une des plus ancienne du monde. Pour cela elle peut être regardée comme le chef de file ou la référence des pays fondateurs du droit constitutionnel. La première caractéristique de ce régime est l'absence de...

29 Oct. 2008

Le Conseil Constitutionnel et le droit budgétaire

Dissertation - 3 pages - Droit constitutionnel

Chaque année le Parlement vote la loi de finances qui prévoit et autorise pour l'année à venir, les dépenses et les recettes de l'Etat. Dans le langage courant on appelle cela « le budget ». Le droit budgétaire renvoie à la notion de budget et à ses modalités d'élaboration. Il s'entend des...