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 Agreement of the People

Agreement of the People

Agreement of the People

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05 Nov. 2010

CAVEJ M1 Cours Anglais juridique

Cours de 120 pages - Droit autres branches

So now, let's examine what is a contract at English law. Before we actually go into the details of the characteristics of English contracts, it is necessary to define what precisely a contract is. Essentially, in English law, a contract is an agreement between two or more parties that...

09 Nov. 2009

Ending contractual obligations: factors and discharge

Dissertation de 11 pages - Droit des obligations

The common law has always taken the view that people enter into contract voluntarily. It follows that if the contract was made without full knowledge of the facts, or if a person was forced to make a contract against his or her will, a court would consider that contract to be banned. The...

01 juil. 2010

Three Case Studies of Business Law

Dissertation de 7 pages - Droit des affaires

In the first situation, we can identify three main issues. First of all, the order arrived a few days late. Then the Buyer asserts that the MP3 Players were damaged by moisture by the ship's hull. These two problems are linked to each other: the Buyers wants us to cut the sell price from 50/unit...

17 Sept. 2003

Competition law

Dissertation de 12 pages - Droit autres branches

Competition law has different forms of laws according to the causes of concern it has in various countries. The first aspect of its function is to protect individuals, consumers, against the power of monopolies or different corporations, and against agreements on various levels of...

18 avril 2010

Family Law: Comparison France Vs. China

Dissertation de 20 pages - Droit de la famille

During the last century, the Chinese government decided to abolish the old family system and establish a new family idea: the socialist family system (the Marriage Code of 1950). This marked a turning point in Chinese common law and the beginning of a new family way of thinking. With this new...

05 juil. 2009

The difficult application of canadian criminal law in Nunavut

Thèse de 57 pages - Droit international

With its creation in 1999, the new territory of Nunavut hoped to solve the social and economical problems it was facing. For the second time in the history of the Poles, indigenous people were given the right by the government to decide their future. The first Inuit to be recognized were...

15 Oct. 2009

Free movement of goods and person within the Europe

Dissertation de 12 pages - Droit européen

Since the Treaty of Rome was signed in 1957, the euro area is the geographical and economic EUROPE. Since 1957, new treaties such as Schengen and Maastricht were signed. Europe and its laws allow us to develop economic relations between the member states. Thus barriers fall, the duties are...

08 déc. 2009

International Criminal Court

Cours de 19 pages - Droit international

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is the only independent and permanent court which deals with the most serious crimes committed by people, which are genocide, crime of aggression, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The ICCs based on the Rome Statute of the International Criminal...

24 Sept. 2008

Human rights - Beyond the universalistic / relativistic paradigm: how to promote a common and cultural-sensitive approach ofmoral principles

Dissertation de 14 pages - Libertés publiques

This article underlines the limitations of the relativistic/universalistic paradigm in regard to the human rights qualification. It defends a third path which consists in a genuine intercultural dialogue, taking into account local specificities in order to promote common moral principles. The...

08 Mars 2007

The consecration of the patient's autonomy

Dissertation de 16 pages - Droit autres branches

Pain, suffering and death are to some extent, inevitable in human life, though Health care must always seek to eliminate unnecessary suffering and untimely death. But it is easy to recognise that prolonging the process of dying us often undesirable. The difficulty encountered by medical teams is...

20 Nov. 2007

The Geneva Convention

Fiche de 10 pages - Droit international

Since the beginning of recorded history, efforts have been made to limit the behavior during war time. Moreover, there have been many attempts to codify the rules of the military conduct as well. For example: The Chinese warrior Sun Tzu in the 6th century BCE tried to put some limits in the...

24 mai 2008

A critical analysis of the provisions made in family law for homosexual couples in Scotland and France with particular reference to adult relationships

Dissertation de 7 pages - Droit pénal

The Homosexuality is not anymore a painful problem and in our days people speak easily about their homosexuality. The Homosexuality is severely condemned in sacred texts that approach questions link to procreation, the family model, filiations and for which, homosexuality is against...

26 mai 2002

Under which conditions can the European Parliament decide legislative outcomes?

Dissertation de 5 pages - Droit européen

As any national parliament, the European Parliament's role is mainly a legislative one even if, as opposed to national assemblies, it does not possess the exclusivity of the power to establish and vote the law. The development of the power of the Parliament belongs to a logic of increasing...

22 déc. 2008

The economics of the no-fault divorce law

Dissertation de 5 pages - Droit de la famille

Marriage is a specific kind of contract "based upon a voluntary private agreement by a man and a woman to become husband and wife?. So in a sense, marriage is a contract like another one, the only difference being that the two contracting parties are strictly determined by the law as "only...

11 juil. 2007

Regulating the private military industry (Insight into an incomplete framework)

Dissertation de 9 pages - Droit international

In his farewell address to the American people, President Dwight Eisenhower warned the nation to be wary of the military-industrial relationship. Less than 50 years later public attention is once again directed to this relationship due to the unequalled privatization of the conflict in...

07 déc. 2007

Authors' rights in the Anglo-Saxon world

Dissertation de 8 pages - Propriété intellectuelle

The authors' rights are a very important problem of the modern economic world. The rules that regulate the authors' rights have always been created in the reaction of some social facts; they always have been late on the sociological and technical transformations. The first fundamental act was the...

08 Janv. 2004

Commentaire d'arrêt : Boys Scouts of America v. J. Dale

Commentaire d'arrêt de 3 pages - Droit autres branches

Voluntary associations are at the heart of American civic life. Freedom of association like freedom of speech, is protected by the 1st amendment and it is a right which lies at the foundation of a free society (Shelton v Tucker, 364 U.S. 479, 486, 1960). Part of the freedom of association is...

25 Mars 2009

Conditions of detention and "other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatments"

Dissertation de 10 pages - Libertés publiques

On March 6, 2006, Alain Grignard, the deputy head of the Brussels police anti-terrorism unit declared on his return from a visit to Guantanamo-Bay with Anne-Marie Lizin, chair of the Belgian Senate: "At the level of detention facilities, it is a model prison, where people are better...

19 mai 2014

The European Services Directive

Dissertation de 7 pages - Droit européen

The European Services Directive has been one of the most controversial projects of European Law. Drafted by the Prodi European Commission in 2004, it became a core issue in the French debate over the European Constitution one year later despite its being juridically quite unrelated to the Treaty....

10 Sept. 2007

From Russia with Love: Lessons of the Noga arbitration case

Mémoire de 20 pages - Droit international

Globalization is the new buzz word and the lingua franca of international business. With the numerous advantages flowing through globalization, this new process is taking a new shape by getting more critical and unyielding. To elucidate further on its uphill spin, an onlooker can observe its...

20 Nov. 2009

Medical advertisement

Dissertation de 9 pages - Droit international

In France, as in Europe, medical advertising is submitted to a legislation. Pharmaceutical laboratories have to be careful every time they issue a new medicine. There are only two countries which allow medical advertising which are the United States of America, and New Zealand. Indeed, in France,...

26 févr. 2012

Essay on human rights

Dissertation de 10 pages - Droit international

"Imagine that you are creating a fabric of human destiny with the object of making men happy in the end [...], but that it was essential and inevitable to torture to death only one tiny creature [...], would you consent to be the architect on those conditions?". There, Fyodor Dostoevsky asked...

30 Janv. 2007

Criminology and criminal justice system

Dissertation de 7 pages - Droit pénal

This paper will discuss the following statement:"According to the White Paper Justice for All, the Government has succeeded in increasing prison capacity by 18 per cent, and has improved conditions inside prisons. £20 million has been invested to boost prisoners' learning facilities, and a...

26 Mars 2009

Misrepresentation in Contract Law

Dissertation de 6 pages - Droit des obligations

Jemma, was a restaurant owner. She decided to shift from London to the countryside. In order to execute this move, she attended an auction in Borehampton with an idea of purchasing ?lot 69.' This ?lot 69' is described in the auctioneers' catalogue as ?a perfect development opportunity for anyone...

24 mai 2008

Critically assess the legal basis and context of the European arrest warrant

Dissertation de 6 pages - Droit européen

In the olden days, Europe was a place where there were fewer barriers economically, politically and socially. Everything moved freely: stocks, goods, people and also criminals. To strike a balance between freedom and security, some measures had to be taken. The framework decision defines...

30 Sept. 2008

The two equality directives of 2000: False-twins

Mémoire de 43 pages - Droit européen

2007, the “European Year of Equal Opportunities for All” in the European Union ended a few months ago, stressing on the question of the current anti-discrimination law in the Union. This initiative of the Commission took place in a general movement of the European Union toward a better...

18 déc. 2005

International human rights law - publié le 18/12/2005

Dissertation de 5 pages - Droit international

Today, various international instruments allow for the protection and respect of human rights. Thus, the International Bill of Rights is the basis composed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 and the two subsequent International Covenants of 1966. The United Nations, which is...

31 Mars 2006

?The European Union Court of Justice is more relevant for the advance of the EU political unity than the Commission and the Parliament' - Discuss

Dissertation de 4 pages - Droit européen

The European Union's political role has been a big issue among the main theoriticians of the European Union. The place of the European Parliament and the Commission in the process toward political unity is obvious. The Commission, as the institution which has the power for an initiative, can play...

31 août 2006

"Post-parliamentary strategies need, therefore, to be recast as complements, rather than substitute, for parliamentarism at Union level" (Lord and Beetham). Discuss

Dissertation de 8 pages - Droit européen

The rejection of the Constitutional Treaty by the French and Dutch citizens in the referendum of spring 2005 has caused a revival of the EU’s legitimacy issue. It was also evidence for the fact that both the continuous strengthening of the European Parliament’s powers one the one hand...

19 juin 2009

Evaluate the Importance of the Supreme Court in the US Political System: In What Ways Is It a Political Actor?

Dissertation de 5 pages - Droit constitutionnel

The Supreme Court, the highest court in the American judicial system, is one of the three branches of the US national government. In 1803, a mechanism was put in place to ensure that governmental officials and governmental institutions would respect the limitations prescribed in the "Supreme Law...