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10 déc. 2009

The judiciary in the US political system

Dissertation de 3 pages - Droit constitutionnel

The Constitution provides that federal judges, including judges of the Supreme Court of the United States, are appointed by the President "by and with the advice and consent of the Senate." In 1803, the power of Judicial Review in the U.S. Supreme Court was established...

03 févr. 2011

CAVEJ L1 Anglais juridique

Cours de 222 pages - Droit autres branches

Wales remained a separate entity from England until the 16th century. Wales is composed of a number of principalities (principautés) with distinct characteristics. Those differences resulted in various conflicts until the middle Ages. Fortunately, in 1536, the Act of Union integrated together...

05 juil. 2009

The difficult application of canadian criminal law in Nunavut

Thèse de 57 pages - Droit international

With its creation in 1999, the new territory of Nunavut hoped to solve the social and economical problems it was facing. For the second time in the history of the Poles, indigenous people were given the right by the government to decide their future. The first Inuit to be recognized were...

08 Mars 2007

The consecration of the patient's autonomy

Dissertation de 16 pages - Droit autres branches

Pain, suffering and death are to some extent, inevitable in human life, though Health care must always seek to eliminate unnecessary suffering and untimely death. But it is easy to recognise that prolonging the process of dying us often undesirable. The difficulty encountered by...

16 avril 2008

The Supreme Court of the United States : a single institution in its kind

Dissertation de 6 pages - Droit autres branches

The Supreme Court of the United States (sometimes colloquially referred to by the acronym SCOTUS) is the highest judicial body in the United States and leads the judiciary. Established in 1789 by the Constitution of the United States, the Supreme Court is at the same time, the referee of...

17 Mars 2010

Le Sénat des États-Unis

Dissertation de 5 pages - Droit constitutionnel

Le Sénat est, avec la Chambre des représentants, l’une des deux chambres de l’organe législatif des États-Unis (désigné par la Constitution sous le nom de Congrès). Il assure la représentation de chacun des États, tandis que la Chambre des représentants assure celle du peuple. Ce...

09 avril 2010

Le Sénat des Etats-Unis

Dissertation de 7 pages - Droit constitutionnel

Le Sénat est, avec la Chambre des Représentants, l'une des deux chambres de l'organe législatif des Etats-Unis (désigné par la Constitution sous le nom de Congrès). Il assure la représentation de chacun des Etats, tandis que la Chambre des Représentants assure celle du peuple. Ce bicaméralisme...

17 Janv. 2010

English legal system: the Sources of English Law

Cours de 87 pages - Droit constitutionnel

The judicial decisions are the first to be found to develop a system. Today, they are still influencing the system as a whole. Judicial decisions have a weight that their continental counter part does not have. In England, under certain requirements, decisions are biding the judge with the...

12 Oct. 2018

La qualification de séparation stricte s'applique-t-elle à l'organisation des pouvoirs aux Etats-Unis ?

TD de 5 pages - Droit constitutionnel

Montesquieu, dans son ouvrage "De l'esprit des lois", distingue trois fonctions principales au sein des différents régimes politiques : la fonction d'édiction des règles générales constitue la fonction législative ; la fonction d'exécution de ces règles relève de la fonction exécutive ; et la...

14 mai 2007

Has the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 gone far enough in reforming the English law of privacy?

Dissertation de 5 pages - Droit des affaires

Under the doctrine of privacy, which became entrenched in English law in the latter half of the 19th century , contractual rights and liabilities are limited to the parties to the contract. The mounting criticisms and arguments for reform have led to the Contracts (Rights of Third...

06 Sept. 2010

Les Pays et Territoires d'Outre-Mer : un enjeu politique et culturel pour l'Union Européenne à l'avenir incertain ?

Mémoire de 60 pages - Droit européen

En 1957, plusieurs territoires coloniaux appartenant à des Etats Membres de la Communauté Economique Européenne furent associés à la CEE par le Traité de Rome. Mais dans les années 60, plusieurs de ces anciennes colonies accédèrent à l’indépendance. La version consolidée du Traité de Rome...

14 Mars 2021

Les pouvoirs du Congrès des Etats-Unis

Dissertation de 4 pages - Droit constitutionnel

Les États-Unis sont un État fédéral à régime présidentiel. On oppose l'État unitaire à l'État fédéral, qui est un État formé soit par association d'États indépendants, soit par dissociation d'un État unitaire et obéissant aux principes de superposition, de participation et d'autonomie. Quant à...

14 avril 2009

High Court of Justice Chancery Division on 29th October 2008, Carr v Beavan: the testamentary capacity

Commentaire d'arrêt de 4 pages - Droit civil

The court has to focus on the testator mental capacity at the time of making his will, since a man diminished in physical and even mental strength may nevertheless make a valid will, provided that he was in possession of his full capacity at the precise time of the writing of the will. In...

15 Janv. 2010

L'équilibre des pouvoirs dans le régime constitutionnel américain

Dissertation de 4 pages - Droit constitutionnel

« Toute personne qui détient un pouvoir est tentée d’en abuser ». C’est notamment à travers cette célèbre citation issue de son maître ouvrage intitulé « De l’Esprit des Lois » (1748) que le philosophe des Lumières Montesquieu justifiait la nécessité d’une séparation des...

10 juil. 2009

The installation of a phone mast near a school

Dissertation de 6 pages - Droit civil

Peter is single and is employed by the Lobby Group Ltd., a professional, "non-profit" company that acts as a general lobby group for industrialists. Last year he moved to live in a town close to his place of employment. He discovered that the local green field site, adjoining the village...

31 mai 2010

Recommendations to the French government concerning violations of the 'Article 28 EC

Commentaire de texte de 5 pages - Droit européen

One of the main objectives of the EEC at its inception was the Free Movement of Goods, a prerequisite in the achievement of an Internal Market, the raison d'être of the EU. The Article 28 EC prohibits Quantitative Restrictions on imports and all measures having equivalent effect to a...

01 juil. 2009

Presidency of India

Étude de cas de 6 pages - Droit constitutionnel

The President of India is the head of State as the first citizen of India, and has therefore an important role to play in the political system. He has special duties and powers, which give him importance in the Indian political life. This function first appeared with the Indian...

25 avril 2008

Essay on the separation of powers in Europe - A comparative study

Dissertation de 23 pages - Droit européen

“Each country must find a solution which is sensitive to its domestic culture” …this is the position of Lord Irvine of Lairg on the separation of powers. This can be regarded as a politically correct position on a very discussed topic in that it does not take part in the animated...

03 juil. 2007

Abortion linked to international trade law

Dissertation de 12 pages - Droit international

There are different kinds and different methods of abortion nowadays. The spontaneous abortion, caused by natural causes, the elective abortion, the therapeutic abortion, which deals with the safety of the physical or mental health of women and the induced abortion, practices...

05 Mars 2008

International business law, allied tows, inc. in utopia

Dissertation de 15 pages - Droit des affaires

As a potential multinational firm, Allied Toys wants to implement a business development strategy in a predetermined country, in order to see if this model could be applicable as a 'worldwide development strategy'. The fact is that the Republic of Utopia is a country where setting up a company or...

06 Mars 2008

International business law - Simulation of a Company selling Cell Phones

Dissertation de 11 pages - Droit des affaires

In this assignment, we analyze and try to build some solutions for a typical business law case. In the general context, let us assume we are a 75-person company called "Company" in the fictional French-speaking country of Euphoria, whose capital is Anytown, and which has a legal...

28 avril 2008

European union law

Dissertation de 4 pages - Droit autres branches

According to the European Court of Justice, the ability to review the legality of Community Acts is a part of "the complete system of legal remedies and procedures designed to permit the Court of Justice to review the legality of measures adopted by the institutions". Following article...

26 Mars 2009

Misrepresentation in Contract Law

Dissertation de 6 pages - Droit des obligations

Jemma, was a restaurant owner. She decided to shift from London to the countryside. In order to execute this move, she attended an auction in Borehampton with an idea of purchasing ?lot 69.' This ?lot 69' is described in the auctioneers' catalogue as ?a perfect development opportunity for anyone...

26 Janv. 2011

International Business Law in Ecuador

Thèse de 10 pages - Droit international

In this document, we shall present an overview of Ecuador and its laws along with recommendations on entering the Ecuadorian market. As an exporter of main products, Ecuador is an interesting target for foreign investors and that could permit the development of the country. For...

04 avril 2008

La crise de Suez et la protection des nationaux en droit international

Cours de 5 pages - Droit international

Présentation critique de l'argumentation juridique avancée par le Royaume-Uni pour justifier son intervention en Égypte en 1956. Sont abordés le contexte historique, le statut du canal de Suez et les différents arguments juridiques présentés par le Royaume-Uni devant le Conseil de Sécurité et...

05 mai 2002

Criminal law in European Democracy

Dissertation de 17 pages - Droit pénal

Criminal law refers to the need of justice in a society. The European region is called as a continent in geographical terms. However on a broader sense Europe is the Western fifth of the Eurasian landmass of the European Union. Criminal policy in democratic states should encompass the prevention,...

27 Oct. 2001

The British Constitution: debate about constitutional reform

Dissertation de 4 pages - Droit constitutionnel

Once widely admired, especially during the seventeenth century by French philosophers, the British constitution has now become a target for criticism. There have been strong debates regarding constitutional reforms that emerged after the democratic reforms of the nineteenth century to the...

11 Oct. 2000

The New Constitutionalism

Dissertation de 5 pages - Droit européen

This essay is divided in two parts. In the first section, we will describe the influence of the European court of Justice on the evolution as observed by Weiler. In the latter half of the essay, we will try to view this theory from a critical bent of mind and relate this concept as an...

19 Mars 2002

Les divers modes de réglement alternatif des différends: voies préalables et médiation

Dissertation de 13 pages - Droit international

La plupart des procédures que nous allons décrire dans le courant de cet exposé sont nées aux Etats-Unis où elles sont regroupées sous l'appellation Alternative Dispute Resolution, d'où le sigle ADR. Il s'agit une conception assez globale des moyens de régler à l'amiable un conflit,...

12 mai 2005

The European Institutions

Dissertation de 6 pages - Droit européen

The debates and referendums on the project of European Constitution will contribute greatly to give birth to a real European public opinion. The new generation of EU institutions will therefore have to serve not only the historic actors of the European construction - administrations...